UPCOMING: “The Circle of Leaders” Broadcast on Beanstalk Global. “What does the future hold for Glasshouse Crops and Vertical Farming?”

Following the success of the inaugural Circle of Leaders Broadcast late last year – with experts from the agricultural and fresh produce sectors (CLICK THIS LINK) we are returning in late May –  this time majoring on one of the most talked about and invested elements for fresh foods…

“What does the future hold for Glasshouse Crops and Vertical Farming?”

Vertical farming is often presented as a main solution to combat future food crises. But why do we need vertical farms? Is it not enough to grow crops the old fashioned way, just like we humans have done it the past 10,000 years? 

Food demand increases every year. According to the United Nations, the world population is estimated to increase to 9.7 billion people by 2050. All of these people need food. But growing food the traditional way has become more challenging. Climate change gives new growth conditions, which means that some crops can no longer grow where they used to. Harsher weather conditions and heavier storms destroy more crops each year. And in some places, the soil is less nutritious than before.

Despite its high demand for energy and currently limited assortment of crops cheap enough to grow, Vertical Farming continues to grows in popularity with significant external investment. But can the business model work with a number of global failures already reported in the sector?

And whilst Vertical Farming attracts significant investment, conventional Glasshouse Growers are suffering. As stated recently by Lee Stiles of the Lea Valley Growers’ Association in the UK recently “Without changes to government policy on labour, energy and imported food, the rate of growers leaving the industry will continue to accelerate until there are just a few left,”

The planned Broadcast will be highly informative with key input from individuals from other specific country areas such as the United States to also gain their views.

To be professionally filmed in late May 2023 at a secret location – we are calling for potential leaders/experts and partner sponsors to be involved with this unique Broadcast to hear their views and present their message in a truly unique format.

Would you like to be involved? Would you like your business to be involved in a unique manner to a UK and an international audience? Just contact info@beanstalk.global or call the Beanstalk Global team on +44 (0) 1284 715055

The Circle of Leaders is a grassroots initiative, created in the spirit of Beanstalk Global’ s overall mission to support, educate and promote the agricultural and fresh food sectors in the UK and Internationally to help them thrive and grow.

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We believe passionately in the power of collaboration and informed debate to change attitudes, create new fulfilling partnerships and, ultimately, assist our sectors ongoing to create positive change in the world.

The purpose of the Circle of Leaders initiative is to create understanding and learnings from some of the UK’s most important and inspiring industry leaders. From this we want to create a community of curious souls to engage with their ideas, their debate and with each other to create positive change ongoing.

We are looking to run further Circle of Leader Broadcasts across the industry sectors both in the UK & Internationally ongoing.  If this was of interest to you and your sectors, just contact us direct.