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About us

We not only know the power of fresh food be that on a health, or the

potential positive environmental perspective that it can create, we are recognised and awarded for our impactful campaigns to promote it.  

 With more than 20 years involvement in the international Fresh food sectors we have visited  100’s of growers, travelling over 18,000 km’s through 18

countries to highlight and promote their amazing stories.

Our main purpose

To promote, and encourage the consumption and education of the global fresh produce sectors to create good.  The bulk of our profits will be reinvested to create that success to promote fresh produce and the benefits of assisting to arrest climate change by adopting more fresh produce consumption

How we help your business

Our mission helps create great Corporate Social Responsibility outcomes, for you and your business directly involved, and to participate with to your long-term benefit. 

Meet the Beanstalk.Global team

Editor in Chief

With more than 20 years experience in the fresh food sector, and an impressive track record of implementing award winning marketing campaigns, Max MacGillivray is the inspiration and the leader behind Beanstalk Global. Max brings sound knowledge and understanding of the fresh food sector, its challenges and strengths.
A highly experienced event host Max is especially skilled in story telling, and helping bring a voice to others to tell their unique stories. His mission is to inspire and educate.

Beanstalk.Global Ambassadors

Our highly experienced Ambassadors enhance the Beanstalk team with their extensive experience within their specific topic, and provide support in driving the conversations, opportunities and solutions to benefit the whole sector.

Peter Backman

Foodservice Ambassador

Peter Backman - is an expert on the structure and dynamics of the foodservice sector, and its supply chain, in the UK, across Europe, and in other major international regions and countries including the USA and India. He enlightens senior executives and other people who make significant decisions in the foodservice sector including investors, operators and suppliers to the sector. His forthright and challenging views are based on data-driven insights – as a former scientist his view is “if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist”. He has been involved, as a researcher and consultant within the sector, for over 30 years blending his knowledge with a deep understanding of the trends, key players and challenges of organisations with an interest in foodservice. He regularly speaks at conferences worldwide and his views are sought by television, radio, and the press. Peter has many innovations to his credit having been the first person to define the structure of the eating out market in the terms which are now widely used by the industry, as well as the most extensive database model of the foodservice sector. Peter is the author of “Restaurants also sell food” – published in London, Toronto and Chicago He is a founder and past Chairman of Arena, the UK pan-industry networking organisation that he was instrumental in setting up twenty five years ago. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality.

People Ambassador

Sarah Calcutt - has done it all in the Fresh Food sector over the last 25 years. She has grown, picked, packed, technically managed, promoted and sold produce crops. Initially training to be a buyer, her career has given her experience in the growing and marketing of crops, funding applications, regional and national strategy, the development and delivery of business plans, audit management, the development of successful retailer partnerships, presenting key issues to the media (tv and radio), securing large amounts of funding, delivering training, developing and driving social media strategies. Sarah is hugely passionate about the sector, and it's continued success, and is the perfect person to help us promote and attract talent, whilst also exploring the current and longer term challenges and opportunities with the People agenda, including access to labour challenges, training and retention.

Supply Chain Ambassador

Rob Ward - has built and sold five food businesses ranging from Grocery Retail; CPG Grocery Wholesale; Food Brand Investment Accelerator and Food Technology in the UK and Europe. Rob is an acclaimed international keynote conference speaker on innovations around food production to consumption and is considered an expert industry influencer. Awarded Nuffield Farming Scholar ('08) lead him to global research into innovation in food, from production to consumption. Today, Rob's runs a business that discovers new technologies from across the world in Agri-FoodTech, these range from new production ideas, supply-chain innovations and online market places - all reinventing the cost of food while also hitting UN Sustainability goals. This involves working with a wide network of investors, bridging relationships with large corporations with new innovative start-ups, developing new international trade connections, all together accelerating the business potential.

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