AHDB AgriLeader “Circle of Influence” Broadcast with Key Sector Social Media “Influencers”. Join With Us To Create the Solutions!

Beanstalk.Global went live with a number of very well-known and highly regarded Farming “influencers” from the world of YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.  The AgriLeader Circle Livestream will be coming from Halton Farms –  The Home of Happy Healthy Cross Bred Cows in Cheshire where they will be discussing Protecting & Promoting Farming.

On the panel wereCharlie Beaty, Ollie Harrison, Karen Halton, Rebecca Wilson, Izaak van Heerden (AHDB), Lisa Bray (AHDB).

To watch the broadcast, click on the image below.

Filmed Thursday 13th April 2023

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