Global Women Fresh Interview with Eunice Mutua, Managing Director of Select Fresh Produce Kenya.

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Eunice Mutua is an Entrepreneur and an Agribusiness Market Place Influencer who is passionate about creating and supporting sustainable food systems in Africa which promote sustainable production and related aspects, market access and nutrition. She is also very passionate about creating employment, knowledge sharing and mentorship of youth and women, and is a Sustainable Agribusiness […]

British Growers & Beanstalk Global Monthly Broadcast.

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The hugely well thought of and recognised British Growers Association is a grower owned, grower led, not for profit umbrella group. They comprise a range of organisations operating in the key UK horticulture industry and fresh produce sectors. Their  membership includes Crop Associations, Producer Organisations, marketing groups and professional membership groups.  The organisation is run […]

20on20 Interview with Beatriz Jacoste Lozano – Director of KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub.

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Beatriz is driven by a passion for creating a delicious and resilient food future for all. She works with companies, organizations, and investors to push forward breakthrough solutions. She has travelled around the globe meeting “food heroes”: farmers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and policymakers, transforming the way we eat. She has built food education programs to raise […]

The Carbon Trust – Listen To The Experts to See Why We Need To Partner Them…

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The Carbon Trust are an expert partner for businesses, governments and organisations around the world – supporting them in realising ambitious plans for a sustainable, low carbon future.  They believe that environmental sustainability and economic prosperity can go hand-in-hand as we address the climate crisis. Their mission is to accelerate the delivery of a sustainable, […]

Significant Fresh Produce Investment Opportunity.

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Our client has created a truly unique global trading platform that cuts out the middleman and their fees whilst connecting buyers and growers direct. The system handles all elements from listing, ordering, smart contracts, tendering, shipping and quality control. All in one place. With complete transparency through blockchain technology. The market potential is huge. The […]

Healthy & Sustainable Food – July Broadcast – The Hierarchy of Agricultural Waste in a Circular Economy.

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Three key industry professionals have come together to create a unique Group called, Healthy and Sustainable Food. This is to constantly examine what would be the results if people from different sectors were to collaborate on solutions to produce healthy, sustainable food ongoing. The Founders are: Barbara Bray MBE – Director – ALO Solutions Mark […]

Beanstalk Global – Women In Food & Farming -July Broadcast. The Importance of Science in Our Sector.

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“Women in Food and Farming” is a group of professional women in food, agriculture and the land-based industries at all stages of their careers, who get together to discuss business issues, support each other via mentorship and advice, and help generate networks of contacts that might be useful to themselves and their businesses. Founded in 2011 […]