Fairmiles: Flying for Good (Online Event)

Fairmiles: Flying Food for Good

How do we take a fair approach to Net Zero which allows us to decarbonise airfreighted fresh produce without stopping vital market access for developing world producers?

Listen to this key round table that went live on Friday 15th December 2023 with a number of key people attending in person as well as a significant number that dialed in via Zoom and on social media. The discussion included:

  • The impact of airfreighted fresh horticultural products from developing countries.
  • Climate Justice considerations for corporate Net Zero strategies
  • Recommendations for industry

To view the Broadcast click on the picture as below. To listen to the Broadcast, click on the Broadcast icon:

To view on Facebook CLICK HERE and to view on YouTube CLICK HERE.

This event was hosted by the University of Exeter and supported by the following organisations:

  • Beanstalk.Global
  • Blue Skies Holdings Ltd
  • The University of Northampton
  • Overseas Development Institure (ODI)

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Fairmiles has been formed by a partnership between Blue Skies, the University of Northampton and Beanstalk.Global.

For more information, please visit Fairmiles or contact simon.derrick@blueskies.com or info@beanstalk.global

 With thanks to the Fresh Produce Journal for use of excerpts from their recent article to highlight Fairmiles. To see their full article, just CLICK THIS LINK