CUPGRA 34th Annual Cambridge Potato Conference 2023. See the Interviews Conducted by Beanstalk Global.

Held in early December 2023 in Cambridge, UK, the theme of this year’s conference was “Looking forward to disruptive solution’s” which provided the panelists and attendees scope to debate across the two days of the event and the various highly informative workshops.

With a packed event and an excellent Potato Barons’ Christmas Feast held at St John’s College in the Great Hall on the first evening, the conference was again deemed to be very successful. To find out more about the workings and how to join and benefit from CUPGRA membership, just visit their website –

Beanstalk Global Interviews:

Tina Barsby – CUPGRA President with Rufus Pilgrim of RS Cockerill , Craig Richael of Simplot Plant Sciences & Perry Bateman of British Sugar.

Sophie Bambridge – Chair of CUPGRA

Mark Stalham Post a Panel Discussion

One of the Event Sponsors – Ecospray with Ant Surrage & Murree Groom

Edward Turner & Andrew Wilson on the Merits of the CUPGRA Conference

Sir Charles Godfray Post His Keynote Speech – “Challenges for Future Food Security”

James Young – VP of Agriculture at McCain Foods UK

Ed Hodson of Grimme UK & Shaunagh Slack & Mac McWilliams of PepsiCo Post A Joint Workshop They Collectively Led

David Nelson and Mark Willcox of Branston Ltd

Dr Tom Storr of Dyson Farming

James Lee of Produce Solutions

Erwan Allain of SOBAC

Marleen Riemens of Wageningen University

Filmed on the 12th and 13th of December 2023

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