A significant UK higher education institution is looking to build on their success of a previous Sustainability Conference held in 2023 by sourcing key speakers for their upcoming Conference to be held in late May 2024.

The conference brings together academia, businesses, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders to assess the progress that has been made so far by the organisers stakeholder community in pursuing their shared goals and to identify areas where further progress could be made. The conference will also provide an opportunity for networking across sectors to continue to build strategic partnerships for further collaborative work in addressing shared sustainability challenges.

As a higher education institution, they are very well placed to play a central role in catalysing partnerships and much needed collaboration between stakeholders. They have ample research and consultancy expertise within the area of Sustainability with which to continue to support organisations to adopt more sustainable practices.

The 2024 conference theme will be to major on harnessing the power of Innovation in attaining shared Sustainability goals.

If you would be interested in participating as a keynote speaker for this important event in late May 2024, please contact Max MacGillivray on 01284 715055 or email info@beanstalk.global and ideally with your speaker details/profile.