Unlocking the Future of Food and Agriculture: Your Business Acquisition Opportunity Awaits.

Are you ready to take your business to new heights? Our select group of funding clients, major players in the food and agribusiness sectors, are on the lookout for innovative businesses to acquire, collaborate with, and invest in. As pioneers in modernising the food and farming economy, they are seeking businesses with sustainable competitive advantages, cutting-edge technologies, and a shared mission to transform the industry into a net-zero, resource-efficient, and resilient ecosystem.

What Are Our Clients Look For?

Animal Health and Nutrition: Businesses involved in feed ingredients (especially higher-margin additives), precision technology, methane reduction solutions, and circular technology.

Tree Nurseries: Enterprises specialising in tree nurseries, contributing to sustainable forestry practices.

Biological Companies (Bio Stimulant Focus): Companies focused on bio-stimulants that enhance agricultural productivity in an environmentally friendly way.

CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture): Businesses engaged in ornamentals and vegetable production using advanced controlled environment technologies.

Technology/Robotics: Innovators in agriculture technology and robotics that enhance efficiency and sustainability.

Agri Testing and Environmental Consultancy/Ecology: Companies specialising in agricultural testing, environmental consultancy, and ecological services.

Natural Capital – Projects, Developers: Businesses involved in projects and development related to natural capital, aligning with our clients’ commitment to a net-zero economy.

Criteria for Ideal Businesses:

  • Minimum EBITDA of £3 million, ideally closer to £5-10 million.
  • Operations can be based in the UK or internationally.

Why Partner with Our Clients:

  • Access to substantial funding from visionary clients committed to transforming the food and agribusiness landscape.
  • Collaborate with industry leaders and innovators to drive positive change.
  • Opportunity for global expansion and growth with a forward-thinking mindset.

If your business aligns with our clients’ vision and you are ready to be part of a transformative journey, we are very keen to open dialogue with you. Reach out to us at info@beanstalk.global or contact Max MacGillivray on +44 (0)1284 715055 quoting Ref: 5757M to explore how your business can contribute to a modern, resource-efficient, and competitive food and farming economy.