First-hand expertise, combined with natural curiosity and a strategic mindset,  enable this food & farming professional to deliver sustainable change with impact.

First-hand expertise, combined with natural curiosity and a strategic mindset,  enable this food & farming professional to deliver sustainable change with impact.

With a passion for farming and a successful career spanning the fresh produce supply-chain from field to fork; this individual now specialises in the leadership and delivery of collaborative projects involving stakeholders from field operatives up to C-Suite level. Sustainability is naturally central to most of these projects – where environmental principles must align with commercial viability.

A proven leader across various functions including farm management, fresh produce procurement, supply-chain operations, commercial and general management; he is an advocate for challenging the status-quo through a cross-functional, one-team approach. He loves to roll up his sleeves and get ‘under the bonnet’ of any organisation, trouble-shoot and work with the team to develop and deliver a strategic plan for change or improvement.

The food security agenda is close to his heart, applying his broad knowledge through credible insight to help shape strategic change.  He has added value to start-ups, SME’s, corporates, academic institutions and NGOs. In all scenarios, he advocates open engagement to ensure that the people are central to any change delivery. With considerable experience of international supply-chains and operations, he can apply a truly global perspective where required; and has access to an extensive network that allows him to pull in specific technical expertise to any project as and when required.

Having operated at Divisional MD level, he has first-hand knowledge of the following areas:-

  • Fresh salad production and processing, (protected & field scale).
  • Fresh vegetable production and added-value processing.
  • International fruit supply-chains and 3rd party overseas operations.
  • High-care food manufacturing – chilled.
  • Commercial management to top-tier retail and food service clients (up to £25m accounts).
  • Farm management & operations – cereals.
  • Controlled Environment Agriculture – including vertical farming.
  • Business reviews – restructure planning & delivery.
  • Feasibility studies & new enterprise modelling.

Feel free to reach out for an initial conversation to discuss your challenges and requirements. Even if he is not the right candidate for your specific needs; there is always value to be gained from a fresh pair of experienced eyes looking at your organisation.

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