Innovative Visionary: A Pioneer in Fresh Produce with a Legacy of Sustainability and Impact.

An exceptionally innovative and imaginative leader in the food industry, boasting nearly three decades of experience in fresh produce.

His journey took root within a prominent fresh produce company in the UK, where he nurtured enduring partnerships with major retailers. Fuelled by an unquenchable thirst for growth and innovation, he embarked on an even more expansive path, collaborating with a distinguished collective of growers. Here, he marketed their produce and orchestrated the seamless initiation of import seasons, drawing upon diverse global sources.

Further developing these skills, he became a founding team member leading the commercial and operations to become the MD early in his career. His pioneering approach to procurement, firmly grounded in sustainability, spans continents from Europe and Israel to Egypt, Africa, and South America.

He later founded his own company, drawing on his extensive skills with retailer engagement and commanding knowledge in global sourcing and operations to establish a pioneering business.

Having earned acclaim for his unswerving creativity and forward-looking perspective, including a prestigious sustainability award, he is a trailblazing visionary able to see past the ever-fluid shifts within the industry.

His leadership, marked by authenticity and an ever-present willingness to roll up his sleeves, exemplifies servant leadership, underscoring his unwavering integrity, team-centred ethos, and empathy.

With a profound mastery across all product categories, he showcased his resourcefulness during the COVID-19 pandemic by launching an award-winning direct-to-consumer venture. This endeavour seamlessly amalgamated his acumen in marketing, strategic planning, and operations with his entrepreneurial flair, serving as a lifeline to many during lockdown.

Driven by an unwavering determination to channel his entrepreneurship, he seeks alignment with organisations and individuals that resonate with his commitment to lead with purpose and make a difference.

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