University Of Northampton – SUSTAINABILITY SUMMIT 2023. Pre-Event Broadcast.

The University of Northampton Sustainability Summit 2023 is taking place on 15th-16th May 2023. This two-day Summit is being organised under the theme; ‘Adapting to a changing world: addressing our shared sustainability challenges’.

Its core objective is to provide a platform which brings together businesses non-profit organisations, policy makers, local government, academics, and other stakeholders to identify shared sustainability challenges and devise a long-term plan of action to address those challenges through collaborative research, enterprise and knowledge exchange.

On the Pre-Event Broadcast on Beanstalk Global, we have:

  • Dr Ebenezer Laryea, Associate Professor of International Sustainable Development Law, University of Northampton
  • Simon Derrick, Global Head of Sustainability, Blue Skies Holdings Ltd
  • Guy Schanschieff MBE DL – Founder – Bambino Mio
  • Sharon O’Connor – Global Compliance Manager – Nene Group
  • Valerie Zishiri – Sustainability Coordinator – Free Foam Ltd

To watch the pre-event broadcast click on the image below, to listen to it as a podcast, click the podcast icon.

Delegates can register can register for the event on this LINK