AHDB AgriLeader Livestream on Beanstalk Global – “You don’t need a title to be a leader”

We went live with some well-known names in the farming industry to share thoughts from the AgriLeader Forum 2023 event and to discuss the topic of leadership and management. 0.37% of people are embarking on leadership and management development so what are the main drivers and barriers to getting more people in this area and what are the mindsets, traits and skills of a good leader?

With the AHDB and on Beanstalk Global, we were joined by: Joe Seels, Olly Harrison, Charlotte Ashley, Georgina Sammut, Rebecca Wilson and Izak van Heerden (AHDB)

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Filmed 8th Feb 2023

AHDB – www.ahdb.org.uk

Beanstalk Global – www.beanstalk.global