MDS Grad Scheme Professional Ready for Next Career Move…

MDS Grad Scheme Professional Ready for Next Career Move…

“This individual is a highly effective young professional in the food and farming Industry, with a strong background in marketing, branding, and technical knowledge, along with commercial exposure in the AgChem industry. They have honed their skills through the MDS graduate program is a two-year fast track development program in the food and fresh produce industry which included formal training in management and leadership. This individual has experience in three secondments over two years based in the UK and Switzerland.

Throughout their career journey, they have proven to be an asset to any company, displaying exceptional market and data analysis skills and a strong work ethic. They have a deep understanding of the AgChem and Biological market and have developed a keen eye for detail, which they have put to use in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies both on global and regional levels.

This individual’s outgoing personality and deep-rooted passion for his work has helped provide the development of unique branding and promotional material for his secondments whilst also demonstrating strong leadership skills through facilitating the presence of one of their secondment companies at ABIM, a major global conference. Their adaptability from secondment to secondment has been further exhibited through their extensive range of skills in project management in which they have demonstrated a proven ability to lead and manage teams working at all levels, across different companies, stakeholders, and time zones.

Their secondment experiences in the industry have further provided commercial exposure, working with a wide range of customers from suppliers in retail to agronomists of major distributors and thus developing strong, long-lasting relationships with clients, with further commercial experience in re-developing national account plans.

This individual is open to new experiences and is well-equipped to take on any new challenge within the food and farming industry. He is keen to find exciting new ventures to which he can add value, insight and ultimately further develop his marketing and branding skill set while effectively working with likeminded companies and team-members.”

Available from April 2023.

If this is of interest to you get in touch with Max MacGillivray on +44 (0)1284 715055 or contact the Beanstalk team directly by CLICKING HERE and quote Reference: 1024921 to set up an exploratory meeting.

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