Beanstalk.Global Live at Groundswell 2022.

Beanstalk.Global Live at Groundswell 2022.

Groundswell is fast gaining the reputation of being “the” regenerative agricultural show and conference in the UK. The event provides a forum for farmers and anyone interested in food production or the environment to learn about the theory and practical applications of Conservation Agriculture or regenerative systems, including no-till, cover crops and re-introducing livestock into the arable rotation, with a view to improving soil health.

We went live with various interviews and recordings. Click below to see who we met up and to gauge their views around the whole regenerative agricultural elements.

Henry Dimbleby & The National Food Strategy

We went live at the Groundswell Regenerative Event with the keynote speech from Henry Dimbleby around the National Food Strategy. “British supermarkets are a murder mile of sugar” was a recent quote from Henry in the mainstream press. The good, the bad, and the very worrying… Dial-in, it is very interesting…


Henry Dimbleby – Q&A Session

Post the keynote speech from Henry Dimbleby around the National Food Strategy we moved onto the Q&A elements. Lots of passion and some pxxxxd off people as Henry stated…


Ben Bardsley of BX.

We go live at the Groundswell Regenerative Event with Ben of BX! Hear of the success he and his team are looking to create around carbon impact.


Dr Richard Binks

We go live at the event with Richard Binks. One of the sectors best known technical consultants, entomologist and IPM specialists. Dial in!


Tom Scrope. The Future of Soil Health…?

Next up Tom Scrope. A recovering accountant (!)….and a sustainable food production obsessive…who is one to watch on soil health.


Elizabeth Stockdale of NIAB.

The challenges of food security, climate change and sustainable development present exciting opportunities for agricultural research and innovation. Join with Elizabeth and her colleagues!


Sophie Cath of Eurofins Agro

We go live at the Groundswell Regenerative Event with Sophie of the Eurofins. “Growing insight with accurate and specific data”. Dial in!

 Filmed – 22nd June 2022

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