Beanstalk Global – Women in Food & Farming with Guest Speaker Hilary Lees discussing Mental Fitness

Beanstalk Global – Women in Food & Farming with Guest Speaker Hilary Lees discussing Mental Fitness

“Women in Food and Farming” is a group of professional women in food, agriculture and the land-based industries at all stages of their careers, who get together to discuss business issues, support each other via mentorship and advice, and help generate networks of contacts that might be useful to themselves and their businesses.

Founded in 2011 by Christine Tacon CBE, the group started back in 2011 with just five women and has now grown to over 400 members. Christine is known to many as the first Grocery Code Adjudicator and head of  the Co-op’s farming business, she has just been appointed Chair of Assured Food Standards which operates the Red Tractor Assurance scheme amongst other roles.

In our current strange times, Beanstalk is very proud to offer our extensive platforms to allow Women in Food and Farming to continue their conversation and debate and to encourage new members ongoing to join them, be that on a virtual Broadcast basis.

In our fourth Broadcast for the group, guest speaker Hilary Lees discussed Mental Fitness: How to build your resilience to thrive in challenging times.

Hilary Lees is a Mental Fitness Expert, Executive and Career Coach, Public Speaker, and Trainer who formerly spent twenty years working as an Occupational Therapist in a variety of NHS mental health services.

Through her business, The Resilience Consultancy, she helps business leaders build their mental fitness so they can respond positively to changing demands and challenges in order to enhance their performance; improve relationships as well as improve their wellbeing.

We will cover: What mental fitness is and how it relates to stress and resilience, an overview of the key factors that improve our performance and wellbeing,  and three key actions you can take to build your mental fitness and resilience ‘muscles’.

Contact her via her LinkedIn Profile AS PER THIS LINK.

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You can also join the Women in Food & Farming by going over to the administrators of the Group – MorePeople by CLICKING THIS LINK

Filmed early 2021.

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