Beanstalk Global Broadcasts Are A Go!

With over 25+ highly successful webinars conducted during UK lockdown as well as a number of enlightening interviews with key industry leaders, Beanstalk is now running a number of high profile monthly Broadcasts for key sectors areas.

We are already live with the International Group, GLOBAL WOMEN FRESH as well as a great group of industry experts for HEALTHY AND SUSTAINABLE FOOD  with more Broadcasts to come including for the Fruit & Vegetable sectors as well as a specific Broadcast to promote an amazing countries fresh produce!

Our network in the fresh food sectors is pretty impressive. We have over 96,000 consumer followers, 22,000 industry connections, over 30,000 worldwide trade company connections and over ½ million views on all of our video placements. We are making a difference.

Our clarion call to you is as follows. If you wish to partner up with Beanstalk on our ongoing Broadcast series to gain the positivity and associated halo effect of being involved with such a unique and ongoing media medium to a significant audience for your business, talk to us. If you would like to create a monthly Broadcast series for your industry sector and for Beanstalk to host it all for you in terms of all the marketing and the successful delivery, talk to us. And if you have a specific product or offer of difference for the UK and International  fresh sectors and wish to find a medium to build instant brand awareness ongoing, to generate high value leads, drive revenue, retain customers whilst engage and educating prospects, talk to us.

To find out more as to how we can create some real magic for you, contact the Beanstalk team on or call on +44 (0) 1284 715055.