Growing Partner Required for a Unique Growing System – Central/East England

Redfox Executive Selection and Beanstalk Global have been exclusively commissioned by a client that develops businesses which have a positive impact on the world to source them a new commercial partner. Our client’s team is passionate about starting and growing businesses and continues to work with and invest in people and ideas which reflect their sustainable values.

Their vision is to meet the increasing demand for fresh, healthy produce farmed in the most efficient and least environmentally damaging manner. The world requires an ever-growing amount of high-quality produce. This cannot be grown at any cost to the environment and as such the way we produce food needs to become more sustainable and less damaging. Our client has met this challenge head on and in doing so created a world first for the fresh food sectors.

They have a proven track record in the fresh produce having raised over £100m to create some of the most unique and innovative growing systems in the UK and Europe. Successfully developing a large number of renewable energy projects and creating a world renowned renewable energy consultancy , the founders have now channelled their passion for clean energy into decarbonising the food chain. Their business was designed to solve serious national issues of food security and agricultural reliance on fossil fuels. Developing a viable solution has taken teams of experts from multiple disciplines to ensure the UK is a step closer to reducing agricultural carbon emissions.

As part of an additional new UK site to their portfolio, they are looking to source a new growing partner to assist them with their strategic objectives and to share their success.

They are looking to source a GROWING PARTNER to take on all of the growing aspects of a planned protected cropping system with a ground breaking renewable heating system based in Central / East England. This system allows for all the benefits of using a very high-efficiency greenhouse, whilst also not compromising on being able to add additional heat and carbon dioxide. The result being large amounts of high quality, low-carbon input food. The GROWING PARTNER they seek can either be from the UK or the EU and will already be involved with protected cropping or is looking to diversify into this sector.

This is a significant opportunity as you will soon discover if you wish to find out more….

Please contact Max MacGillivray or Ian Reed on +44 (0) 1284 715055 or email

To note, NDA’s will need to be completed post an initial vetting process.

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