Senior Leader & Agricultural Expert

With nearly three decades of experience in the agricultural, horticultural, and livestock sectors, he stands out as a seasoned leader and manager. His deep understanding of these fields has been honed through practical experience across various farm businesses, giving unique insights into the industry’s challenges and opportunities. Having spent significant time globally with growers, he has gained a comprehensive grasp of diverse production systems.

An impressive track record with large multinational R&D enterprises, having successfully fulfilled roles in the UK, EAME, and global organisations. Experience spanning LaTAM, APAC, NA, and EAME regions, encompassing technology startups, farm and agronomy advice, and input supply businesses. His breadth of expertise covers seed, nutrition, crop protection, livestock, digital farming, and environmental and business consultancy. Recently, completing BASIS principles of sustainable land management, underscoring the commitment to sustainable practices.

Motivated and tenacious, he is driven by an altruistic desire to lead, shape, and enable sustainable agriculture and environmentally-focused farming. Ready to embrace the challenges of the modern world and emerge as a key leader in global agribusiness.

Highly effective in leading and managing change, consistently demonstrating an engaging leadership style that motivates and inspires teams. With a strategic mindset, excelling in operationalising strategies into sustainable, actionable plans. A creative problem solver, bringing a strong solutions focus to the table, particularly in the realm of sustainable and environment-first farming.

An expertise in stakeholder engagement and customer experience management is complemented by his very strong interpersonal skills, allows for the building of long-term, meaningful relationships. Highly adaptable and an agile thinker, known for his passion for biosolutions and sustainable farming, with the drive to grow a resilient, integrated supply chain.

With a highly developed international network spanning farmers, advisors, distributors, retailers, corporate and government organisations, well-connected and respected in the industry. Possessing a comprehensive understanding of intensive, regenerative, extensive, and organic production systems, along with environmental solutions such as agroforestry, rewilding, and carbon farming.

A forward-thinker, adept at horizon scanning for new ideas and thought leadership, always seeking out partners and forging positive, collaborative relationships. His genuine passion for agriculture, combined with his extensive experience and innovative approach, positions him as a transformative leader in the field.

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