Dynamic and Energetic Leader and Manager with a Keen Eye for Detail and a Proven Track Record in Crop Production and Management

With 27 years of experience in the agricultural industry, including over 18 years in farm management for large corporate and privately owned arable businesses, this individual is a seasoned leader passionate about team wellbeing and involvement. His commitment to fostering a positive and productive work environment results in excellent staff retention and high productivity levels.

Leading by example, he consistently upholds high standards and expects the same from his team. His approach combines high expectations with genuine respect and care, ensuring every team member reaches their full potential within a positive and happy culture. He excels in working with diverse age groups and personalities and is particularly adept at mentoring the younger generation. Known for maintaining positivity and composure in challenging situations, he effectively creates calm during emergencies and crises.

In addition to being a competent machinery operator with various professional qualifications, he is meticulous in an office setting, using data to monitor, analyze, and improve the performance of all assets under his management. His practical experience ensures realistic and reliable expectations, deadlines, and budgets. He currently operates with a high level of autonomy in a multimillion-pound turnover business, holding a strategic role in agricultural operations while managing a substantial property portfolio. His vast expertise includes budgeting, capital expenditure, cost control, business growth and development, infrastructure development, health and safety management, and client relationship management.

He has a natural talent for building relationships, negotiating, and conversing at all levels, and is equally comfortable with hands-on work and presenting at the board level. Beyond the farm, he serves as a professional advisor to a well-regarded university and is a charity trustee supporting the agricultural industry.

At this juncture in his career, he is exploring opportunities that would allow him to advance further. While a role in estate management or directorship seems the most logical next step, he is open to considering any opportunity that leverages his drive, leadership, and skillset, whether within or outside the agricultural industry.

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