Seasoned Professional: Nurturing Growth in the Fresh Produce Industry.

With over 40 years of experience in the Fresh Produce industry, our contact has consistently demonstrated both Passion and a Professional approach. Their journey commenced in the historic Birmingham Wholesale market, where they began as a barrow boy, prioritising customer service while loading goods. Through commendations from peers and superiors, they transitioned into Sales and Procurement roles, occupying the forefront of their career.

While excelling in Sales and Procurement, they also devoted attention to Business Development, seeking out new sales opportunities and nurturing enduring relationships with growers worldwide. Their expertise in building sustainable grower relationships in countries like Brazil, Mexico, and Egypt has enabled them to convey enthusiasm, passion, and pride in their work, backed by tangible results.

They attribute their sterling reputation within the industry to an unwavering commitment to honesty and professionalism. With a desire to continue fostering business growth while retaining their passion for the Fresh Produce sector, they believe they still have much to contribute to the industry’s advancement.

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