Seasoned Leader: Navigating Three Decades of Consumer Goods Expertise.

Our contact is a seasoned veteran in the business world, boasting over three decades of expertise in the consumer goods industry. They embarked on their professional journey as a sales expert at renowned global brands like Gillette, Nestle, and Benckiser. Over time, they evolved into a versatile commercial leader, occupying senior positions within private label-focused enterprises such as Northern Foods and Greencore.

Their tenure at one of the world’s third-largest soft drinks manufacturer, spanned a decade, during which they cultivated a substantial presence in the wholesale market while sustaining their strong footprint in major grocery chains. Serving as Managing Director for Europe, they orchestrated two strategic acquisitions diversifying the company’s portfolio, generating over £100 million in additional revenue. Their efforts were recognized with The Grocer Gold Own Label Supplier of the Year award, underscoring their adeptness at enhancing branded sales and optimizing overall profitability.

Subsequently, they steered several privately owned ventures in the agricultural sector, notably orchestrating the successful revitalization of  major fresh food enterprise. Through meticulous operational restructuring, cost reduction initiatives, and efficiency enhancements, they spearheaded a remarkable £14 million EBITDA improvement. Assembling a new leadership cadre from scratch, they also managed banking relationships to secure necessary funding for execution.

Their recent interim role as CEO at another major fresh food business, a longstanding family business under new ownership, showcased their agility in restoring stakeholder confidence and devising a comprehensive transformation strategy. Initially contracted for a four-month stint to facilitate the transition to a new CEO, their exceptional performance led to a seven-month extension in the capacity of Commercial Transformation Director.

Renowned for their integrity, approachability, and steady demeanor, our contact navigates seamlessly between corporate structures and entrepreneurial environments. Their unwavering commitment to transparency and clear communication fosters trust and garners respect from all stakeholders. Whether as an impactful interim leader or a strategic permanent asset, they drive rapid results through adept team leadership and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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