Dynamic MDS Graduate Seeking Their Next Challenge…

In the constantly evolving landscape of the food industry, a candidate emerges with a deep connection to the land, an academic background in Conservation Ecology, and a dedication to sustainable food production. Grounded in the agricultural rhythms of a farmer’s upbringing, this individual is ready to bring a distinctive combination of experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to your team.

Armed with an Honors degree in Conservation Ecology and a preference for natural and sustainable farming practices, the candidate possesses a rich reservoir of experience acquired through the esteemed MDS scheme. Moving seamlessly through roles in operations, commercial, and sustainability within prominent fresh produce companies, they have developed a comprehensive understanding of the food supply chain and corporate dynamics.

Throughout their MDS journey, the candidate held key positions such as Junior Commercial Manager, showcasing adeptness in relationship management with major UK grocery chains. Their value engineering initiative streamlined operations, demonstrating a strategic mindset and negotiation prowess in a dynamic market environment.

Early experiences as a Trials and Logistics Manager highlighted their ability to oversee large-scale operations. Coordinating harvests and managing logistics for a substantial workforce required operational acumen and effective relationship management. Recently, their focus has shifted towards sustainability, addressing carbon emissions within global fruit supply chains and initiating strategies to establish Science-Based Targets for reducing carbon.

The candidate’s true passion lies in production, where they aim to cultivate healthy food by enhancing ecological function. Learning from and working within nature’s boundaries, their goal is to create production environments that leverage ecological regeneration to enhance food production. With a systems-focused mindset, the candidate excels in comprehending and improving the broader picture of agriculture and food systems.

If your organisation is in search of an individual with a fervor for sustainable agriculture, financial acumen, a proven track record of successful leadership, and a commitment to positive impact, this candidate brings a wealth of skills and experiences that could greatly benefit your team. Reach out now to explore how their unique perspective and capabilities can contribute to the success of your organisation.

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