“Strategic Visionary: A Decade at the Helm – Transforming Fresh Food and Produce Businesses with Insightful Leadership”

“Strategic Visionary: A Decade at the Helm – Transforming Fresh Food and Produce Businesses with Insightful Leadership”

A highly accomplished and conscientious commercial director with 20 years in fresh food and produce, nine of which at board level. A dynamic and influential force with sharp business acumen. Will bring innovative thought, challenge, vision, and direction to a team.

Commercially astute with a profound knowledge of fresh food supply gained from executive board business leadership, and from experience across commercial, procurement and operations. This breadth of knowledge makes him an insightful and pragmatic professional who will create value for a business and their customers.

Customers served include all UK retailers, major foodservice, wholesalers, food processors and continental EU clients. Has owned and developed strategically important client and supplier relationships, as well as finding and nurturing new commercial relationships in search of new channels for growth and diversification.

Strategically minded, and adept at interpreting and leveraging data and insight to inform decisions and direction. A naturally broad-minded, big-picture thinker, who enjoys the critical thought required to define a strategy, and to steer a business to suit the market and environment in which it operates.

A charismatic and naturally affable character who believes that business success comes from high-quality leadership of capable, well-motivated, people, with clear direction. Derives a great deal of satisfaction from the collective success of the team.

Adept at managing multiple stakeholders in what can be a dynamic and challenging industry; across complex global supply chains, across multiple production facilities, between multiple customers, or cross-functionally within a business.

A very strong proponent of sustainability in food and farming, as ever more critical to the ongoing success of businesses, our food system, and our planet. Central to several previous roles, but none more so than working at the cutting-edge of AgTech in a B-Corp certified indoor farm.

The ideal role will provide opportunity and challenge, somewhere to make a positive, significant, and lasting difference to the business and the team.

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