South of England Agricultural Society – Farming Technical Forum.

Beanstalk.Global went live with the South of England Agricultural Society to discuss such an import and ongoing subject. Chaired by – Max MacGillivray of Beanstalk Global & Chris Appleton from the Society, we will also have on the panel:

Justin Ellis, Virgin Money
Ben Taylor, MD Iford Farms Ltd
James Wallis, Estate Manager, Sutton Hall Estates
Sarah Barnes, Creedy Associates

With a range of subjects to cover, we will be discussing the likes of:

  • Continual change & adaption to a business to serve your market and maintain profitability.
  • Examples on how business has changed in the last 1, 2, and 3 years and what has been learned.
  • Opportunities that arise out of change and challenge.
  • Key areas of focus to maintain a resilient business

To watch the Broadcast, click on the picture below. To listen to the podcast, click the podcast icon.

Broadcasted on 10th of August 2023

Any questions for the panel, please submit before the Broadcast to Max MacGillivray via email