Beanstalk Global /AHDB Talking Leaders Series – Laura Ryan – Building a Global Network

We know how important it is to be inspired by both big businesses and individuals, which is why we are excited to present Talking Leaders, a monthly initiative from the AHDB which will see a series of inspirational speakers share their life experiences and deliver impactful stories to the AgriLeader community.

In our June broadcast we were delighted to be joined by Laura Ryan – CEO of Lavenpark Consultancy.

Laura is an expert in building global networks and driving transformational change across the agri-food sector and up until 2019 was Sector Strategy Director for Beef & Lamb Board at Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

She has subsequently grown a global portfolio of work across the meat sector through the launch of Lavenpark, her own consultancy business which is working with levy boards, government, and commercial companies to achieve greater success through improved insight and connectivity.

She is co-founder of the trailblazing Global Meat Alliance initiative and is also the founder and Global Chair of Meat Business Women which has been recognised by the United Nations as one of the solutions to the global Sustainable Development Goals.  

To watch the Broadcast, click picture below. To listen to the Podcast, click the Podcast icon:

Filmed 15th June 2023.

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