University Of Northampton – SUSTAINABILITY SUMMIT 2023

Taking Action For Sustainability

The University of Northampton Sustainability Summit 2023 is taking place on 15th and 16th of May 2023. 

This two-day Summit is being organised under the theme; ‘Adapting to a changing world: addressing our shared sustainability challenges’. Its core objective is to provide a platform which brings together businesses (particularly in the food/drink, footwear, and logistics industries), non-profit organisations, policy makers, local government, academics, and other stakeholders to identify shared sustainability challenges and devise a long-term plan of action to address those challenges through collaborative research, enterprise and knowledge exchange.

Please see the UON Sustainability Summit webpage for more information about the objectives of the Summit.

Beanstalk Global’s Max MacGillivray will be there, Chairing a key session with Simon Derrick – Global Head of Sustainability for Blue Skies as well as filming and conducting a series of interviews throughout the summit.

Some highlights of the Summit program include:

  • Sustainable Business in the 21st Century: What does it mean and how can businesses pivot with better ease towards more sustainable practices?
  • The Climate Emergency: How much time do we really have left, and what is the nature of the urgency with which commerce must adapt in order to help address climate change.
  • Governance: What are the key sustainability issues that are most relevant to organisations?
  • Knowledge Sharing: Come listen to brands share their best practices on how to address sustainability challenges from a governance and strategy perspective, as well as how to turn the talk into action.
  • The Sustainable Consumer: How is sustainability shaping consumer behaviour, and how can businesses demonstrate to consumers that they are genuinely serious about sustainability?
  • Solutions: Listen to expert solutions providers share different approaches, tools, innovations, frameworks, and knowledge impartation schemes which organisations can adopt to help them address their sustainability challenges.
  • Collaboration for Innovation: How important is collaboration to addressing shared sustainability challenges?
  • The University of Northampton’s Sustainability Journey: Enjoy the company of delegates at the networking breakfast on the second day of the Summit and hear all about the University of Northampton’s inspiring sustainability journey.
  • Breakout Sessions: Join the summit-style break-out sessions and be part of the discussion as we identify shared social and environmental sustainability challenges.
  • Northampton Sustainability Accord: Be part of the shaping and unveiling of the Northampton Sustainability Accord (NSA). The Accord will highlight all of the sustainability challenges identified throughout the Summit and set out a commitment of intent from the University of Northampton to work alongside all of the organisations represented at the Summit to address those challenges through collaborative research, enterprise and knowledge exchange.  

You can find the full Summit Schedule here.

The UON Sustainability Summit 2023 will be the first of several annual Summits hosted by the University of Northampton, as well as the first event of its kind in Northamptonshire. As a University, we are proud to continue our long record of showing the necessary leadership in tackling shared sustainability challenges and supporting the wider stakeholder community.

Delegates can register here.

On a recent Pre-Event Broadcast, we heard from key individuals as to why you should attend. This included:

  • Dr Ebenezer Laryea, Associate Professor of International Sustainable Development Law, University of Northampton
  • Professor Amin Hosseinian Far, Professor of Systems Thinking, University of Northampton
  • Simon Derrick, Global Head of Sustainability, Blue Skies Holdings Ltd
  • Martin Baxter FIEMA, Cenv, Executive Director of Policy & External Affairs, IEAMA
  • Kelly Shields, Communication and Technical Manager, Fresh Produce Consortium.

To watch the Broadcast click the picture below. To hear the Podcast, just click the Podcast icon.

Please contact Dr Ebenezer Laryea ( if you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities and how your brand can be directly associated with this remarkable sustainability event. We hope to see you at the Summit in May.