The Fresh Produce Impact Hub (FRESHPPACT) in Ghana!

FRESHPPACT is working towards finding solutions to the planet’s biggest sustainability challenges.

This week Beanstalk Global have been with the FRESHPPACT team in Ghana reporting. FRESHPPACT have shortlisted five potential solutions to help mitigate plastic pollution. Together with the organisations behind each solution, they are all in Ghana to conduct further research and develop detailed plans to show how their solutions will deliver maximum benefit for communities in Ghana.

The winning solutions will go on to receive up to £200,000 each towards testing and implementing their solutions in Ghana over the next three years.

The visit follows our call for proposals that was launched in 2022. The call focused on finding solutions that address pollution caused by the manufacture, use and disposal of plastics used in agricultural mulch, workwear and food packaging. To find out more about the organisations JUST CLICK THIS LINK

To see more on the work of FRESHPPACT and how you can collaborate with them, JUST CLICK THIS LINK.

To view our daily video VLOGS in Ghana with FRESHPPACT, just click on the pictures below:

Day One – 25th Celebrations of the Amazing Blue Skies Business!

Day Two – Blue Skies Factory Visit and A Trip to Zulu Pineapple Farm.

Day Three – Key Media Day spreading the message of FRESHPPACT in Ghana.

Day Four – Visit to the Dried Fruit Business – HPW and a visit to a Plastic Bottle Recycling Centre

Final Day in Ghana and De Ebenezer Laryea of the University of Northampton Wraps Up For Us All with the Stakeholders and the Solution Providers!

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