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In these strange times, we still want to communicate and deliver our business message be that to a multi-site team, a large number of growers or a retail trading group in the UK, the EU or even Internationally. If you are struggling to source the solution as to how to communicate on a large-scale Group basis, come and talk to Beanstalk.

We have run over 50 webinars and Broadcasts this year alone including for a number of Trade and Business Groups.

To see recent examples, we assisted the great Management Development Services (MDS) group promote their services and you can see the full recording AS PER THIS LINK.

The Chair of MDS, Christine Tacon CBE commented post the webcast “We had over 75 applications post the webinar. That is unprecedented!”

We also hosted the British Apples and Pears Trade 2020 webcast and had a number of their Committee involved as well as the renowned Chef Raymond Blanc. To see the full recording CLICK ON THIS LINK

Sarah Calcutt from British Apples and Pears said “Beanstalk you were brilliant. We are getting so much positive feedback. Thank you!”

To find out how we can assist and create your solution, just email or call on +44 (0) 1284 715055.