Transformational Leader with Over 25 Years of Global Food Industry Experience.

With a lifetime in agriculture and over 25 years working across different categories within the food industry, this highly experienced internationalist has proven their ability to drive innovation and sales growth in multiple countries.

Having worked for one of the world’s largest food companies as well as startups and established family-owned businesses, this candidate has the experience and ability to manage complexity and change, while bringing the whole business with them on the journey. Equally at home in the factory, on a tractor, and in the boardroom, our candidate has an in-depth understanding of every aspect of the value chain—enabling them to drive significant topline growth (over £100 million in one business) while transforming profitability and releasing significant efficiencies through process improvements.

This candidate has been at the forefront of ESG developments over the past eight years, working with the Fairtrade ecosystem and within one of the world’s leading sustainable food businesses. Here, significant topline growth has been effectively combined with dramatic bottom-line improvements, reductions in the planetary impact of operations, and improvements in the daily lives of people across three continents through sustainable business practices.

This candidate is now looking to deploy their considerable skills, experience, and global contacts in transforming businesses and helping owners and investors realise significant positive returns—for their staff, the environment, and their financial goals.

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