Beanstalk Global /AHDB Talking Leaders Series: Victor Monseff de Almeida Campos – CEO of 3R Ribersolo Soil Lab. Discussing: Sexy Soils or Sustainable Soil Solutions?

We know how important it is to be inspired by both big businesses and individuals, which is why we are excited to present Talking Leaders, a monthly initiative from the AHDB which will see a series of inspirational speakers share their life experiences and deliver impactful stories to the AgriLeader community.

In the September episode of Talking Leaders we are delighted to be joined by Victor Monseff de Almeida Campos, CEO of 3R Ribersolo Soil Lab. We will delve into Victor’s journey from agricultural engineering to spearheading soil health initiatives. He will share his passion, love of innovation, and commitment to building a more sustainable future for agriculture.

Victor Monseff de Almeida Campos, a native of Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil, is a multifaceted individual with a profound passion for agriculture and sustainable practices. Armed with a degree in Agricultural Engineering from UNESP Jaboticabal and an MBA in Agribusiness from PECEGE/ESALQ, Victor’s academic journey laid the foundation for his impactful career in the agricultural sector.

Specialising in soil management at ESALQ and further honing his expertise with a Master’s in Coffee Production from the University of Trieste, Italy, Victor’s commitment to continuous learning and innovation is evident. As the CEO of 3R Ribersolo Soil Lab and a farmer of specialty coffees, avocados, and hops at Fazenda Bella Terra, Victor combines practical experience with scientific rigor to drive sustainable agricultural practices.

In 2018, Victor’s dedication to advancing agricultural knowledge earned him the prestigious Nuffield International Scholarship, supported by Biotrigo, CHT, and Nuffield Scholars. With a focus on improving soil and agricultural analysis techniques, Victor’s research aims to empower producers with insights into more sustainable ways of managing agricultural production.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Victor is driven by a deep-seated belief in the importance of understanding and nurturing the health of our soils and plants. He envisions a future where standardised analysis techniques contribute to the preservation of agricultural ecosystems while enhancing productivity and quality.

As Victor eloquently puts it, “While recognising the importance of developing new products, new technologies, and things that can be sold, I see a lack of people focused on how to systematically measure the quality and health of our soils and plants. There is a lot to learn about the life and health in our soils, and to work together to standardise some of the newer – and cheaper and faster – analysis techniques that are coming into the market.”

With his unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation, Victor is a driving force in shaping the future of agriculture for generations to come.

Prepare for an enlightening chat on sustainable soil management and agricultural innovation with Victor. The broadcast will be on Friday 20th September at 11.30amCLICK HERE to register.

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