Trailblazing Sustainability: A Career Dedicated to Ethical Commerce and Social Impact.

Our contact is deeply committed to fostering sustainable and transparent supply chains, with a career spanning three decades driven by a passion for cultivating fair and compassionate commercial landscapes that benefit producers, communities, animals, and the environment alike. His professional journey, which has included roles as Sales Director, Procurement Director, Technical Director, and Sustainability Director for esteemed FTSE 100 companies and leading FMCG manufacturers, as well as founding and successfully selling his own tech ventures, underscores his entrepreneurial zeal.

Throughout his career, he has championed purpose-driven initiatives, spearheading teams and disruptive solutions across various domains such as commercial sales, strategic procurement, technical expertise, social and ethical compliance. More recently, his focus has been on leveraging SaaS technology to promote transparency and responsible sourcing within the Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) sector.

A catalyst for positive change, he engages with his environment in a dynamic and collaborative manner, inspiring innovation and rallying others to join him on his mission. His achievements extend beyond the professional realm, with accolades including recognition as the former UK Young Agri-Consultant of the Year, runner-up in the Shell UK Entrepreneur of the Year awards, winner of the Bright Sparks Tech Business competition, and participant on Dragons’ Den. Additionally, he has contributed as a commentator in reputable publications like The Grocer and Farmers Weekly, made appearances on national radio, and now holds the esteemed title of Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology.

In his recent endeavours, he has been at the forefront of developing disruptive technology solutions to address challenges in Responsible Sourcing. Co-founding and scaling a venture-backed ESG SaaS platform utilised by global retailers, he subsequently launched a supply chain sustainability, transparency, and ESG Risk Platform in 2018, which gained traction among prominent food and non-food brands. Presently, he serves as the EMEA Sales Director and Subject Matter Expert for ESG & Sustainability at a global leading business in the TIC sector.

Beyond his professional commitments, he remains actively engaged in philanthropic efforts, forging partnerships with organisations like Unseen UK to combat modern slavery within the food and beverage industry, supporting the endeavours of national food charity Fareshare, and collaborating with local homeless charities to raise funds and provide assistance to those in need.

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