Proficient Leader in FMCG Supply Chains and Food Processing.

With 13 years of experience in babyleaf salads, they have cultivated a profound understanding of FMCG supply chains, operational, strategic, and technical intricacies in food processing. They boast a proven track record of fostering collaborative relationships with suppliers across the UK & Europe, showcasing a keen eye for detail in identifying improvement opportunities, productivity levers, and emerging trends.

They relish the opportunity to tackle problems, generate new business prospects, and rally groups towards common objectives. While they enjoy being part of a like-minded team, they are also prepared to take the lead, navigating tough decisions and adeptly handling fast-paced challenges. Crafting and adapting systems for optimal and reliable operation brings them great satisfaction. In their senior career, they have adeptly managed operational facets of significant change, including new and upgraded facility requirements, work arrangements, and customer demands.

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