Visionary Leader in Premium Fresh Food Retail and Hospitality: Fostering Growth, Innovation, and Social Impact.

Our charismatic leader stands out as an exemplary figure in the premium fresh food retail and hospitality sectors. Renowned for their kindness, generosity, and candid communication style, they have excelled in cultivating a collaborative culture that values the voices of all team members. Their passion for organic and regenerative agriculture, fresh produce retailing, and exceptional customer service is evident in their approach to leadership.

This visionary leader thrives on encouraging innovation, fostering a growth mindset, and advocating for moderate risk-taking in the ever-changing business landscape. Recognising the complexities of the current volatile environment, they bring a big-picture vision, clarity of direction, and a commitment to agility, allowing their teams the freedom to fail and learn from experiences.

With a solid background in the luxury market sector of field-to-fork products, their career reflects both loyalty and a relentless pursuit of learning and growth. They have a proven track record of enabling the advancement of junior team members into mid-management and leadership roles by identifying individual talents and placing them in their ‘zone of genius.’

As a leader, they prioritise vulnerability, actively listen, and empower others to take ownership, fostering a culture of coaching and mentorship. Their expertise extends to commercial acumen and data-driven decision-making, resulting in tangible contributions to customer experience and business financial performance.

In project management, they have successfully led diverse teams in projects ranging from team retention and engagement to supplier partnership agreements, new store builds, and ERP system integration.

In their next role, this visionary leader seeks to contribute to a purpose-led, people-centric food business with a focus on social and environmental impact initiatives. They aspire to take on responsibilities such as team mentoring and leadership, strategic planning, brand scale-up, existing market growth, new market penetration, and long-term revenue and profitability enhancement. This individual is poised to make a lasting impact in an organisation that values sustainability, growth, and positive social change.

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