Accomplished Sales/Commercial Director with 25+ Years in the Food Industry: A Strategic Leader Driving Revenue Growth and Team Excellence.

With over 25 years of comprehensive experience in the food industry, and the last 8 operating at board level our contact emerges as a distinguished leader poised to excel in the role of Sales / Commercial Director. Throughout an illustrious career, they have showcased an exceptional ability to drive revenue growth, formulate strategic initiatives, and foster high-performance teams, establishing themselves as a driving force in the industry. This has been achieved across multi categories and channels. As a seasoned executive, they have consistently delivered outstanding results, steering companies towards unprecedented success. Notably, spearheading initiatives to reverse market declines, implementing innovative commercial structures leading to substantial revenue increases. Strategic prowess has been instrumental in developing and executing sales plans and joint business strategies, resulting in significant growth in revenue, margin, and market share. In previous roles, they have displayed remarkable versatility and adaptability, successfully diversifying customer bases across various channels, including retail, foodservice, convenience, and export. Adept negotiation skills have been pivotal in securing lucrative tenders and forging strong partnerships with key stakeholders. Additionally, they have demonstrated a keen understanding of market dynamics, leveraging insights to drive product innovation and category management strategies that have propelled brands to category leadership positions. Adept at leading cross-functional teams, they foster a collaborative environment where innovation thrives. Our contact has played a pivotal role in aligning sales strategies with marketing, supply chain, and finance functions, ensuring cohesive and synergistic operations that drive sustained growth and profitability. Furthermore, they have a proven track record of mentoring and developing talent, cultivating high-performing teams that consistently exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results. With their unwavering commitment to excellence, strategic vision, and extensive industry expertise, they are primed to bring invaluable leadership and insight to any organisation. The ideal role will provide an opportunity to leverage proven strategic vision, leadership skills and industry knowledge to accelerate growth within a forward-thinking organisation.

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