Transformative Leader: A Decade of Driving International Sustainability & CSR Initiatives Across the UK & Ghana, with a Focus on Brewing, Banking, and Biotech Innovation.

Transformative Leader: A Decade of Driving International Sustainability & CSR Initiatives Across the UK & Ghana, with a Focus on Brewing, Banking, and Biotech Innovation.

Over the last ten years, our contact has led project teams in the UK and Ghana delivering international sustainability and CSR projects in a variety of sectors. In Ghana, she launched new beer brands for a multinational brewing company developing supply chains with Ghanaian cassava farmers. This work generated new revenue streams and improved farmer livelihoods. At Standard Chartered Bank Head Office in London, she designed and delivered a global Anti-Human Trafficking programme, building partnerships with two US Banks and NGOs to improve intelligence and analytics within the Financial Crime function. They have worked for a number of early-stage ventures in supply chain and technology innovation, marketing and selling new products and developing the skills required to build and grow a business. They have also spent time in Kenya doing market research for a sustainable packaging venture.

Most recently our contact was Head of Commercial Partnerships at Kelpi, a biotech start-up developing world leading bioplastics materials for food and drink packaging. Where they led a multistakeholder project developing new sustainable packaging products for Waitrose, and Blue Skies, a fresh produce exporter based in Ghana.

Our contact is results and outcomes oriented and finds the most fulfilling work delivers both commercial and societal benefits. They have lots of experience distilling ideas and visions into concrete plans and driving these forward. They loves working with people from different cultures and their success has in part owed to her natural ability to build relationships with different types of people – Ghanaian and Kenyan government officials, NGO personnel, scientists, cassava farmers, CEOs and financiers. They have lived and worked in East and West Africa over a three-year period and understands how business operates in these environments, the unique challenges and how to get things done in that context.

The big themes that our contact is passionate about are feeding the global population, in particular people across Africa where food insecurity is much more of an issue. Preserving the natural world and reducing plastic waste is also of particular interest especially the innovations around bioplastics, and the use of natural fibres as raw materials. They are also keen to find ways to create market opportunities for the abundance of fresh produce, ingredients, medicinal plants and natural fibre plants grown across Africa.

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