Visionary Ag-Tech Entrepreneur: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions and Global Success.

This ag-tech industry stalwart is adept at creating technical solutions to address some of the most pressing challenges in the global agriculture and sustainability sectors. He has proven ability in developing and, crucially, commercialising those ideas on to a global audience, building successful business for others and successfully exiting his own.

Most recently, this entrepreneur developed a crop and field monitoring system which analyses multiple data points in throughout the lifecycle the crop. It gives growers real time insight into growing and plant conditions, allowing more accurate and efficient application of inputs, boosting profit margins and reducing carbon footprint. This project demonstrates his product development skillset and ability to identify and target key markets.

Previously, he demonstrated his ability to scale a livestock herd management system startup, joining the business shortly after it had been founded and growing it into a multi-million pound business which was bought by global agri-tech company.

Embedded in the global agricultural sector, this innovative leader has the experience and skills needed to identify opportunities in the industry, design solutions needed to exploit those opportunities, build prototypes to test veracity and deliver the project through to commercialisation.

In the process, he has a proven innate ability to build and galavanise high performing teams across multiple locations and has an extremely strong network within agri tech throughout the world.

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