“Synergising Industry Expertise, Change Management, and Technology for Business Success”

Our contact is a highly accomplished Agri-Food consultant with over 30 years of experience in the fresh produce and farming sector. He has worked with some of the UK’s largest Fresh Produce Companies and now supports a diverse range of innovative clients globally. His extensive expertise includes procurement, technical, operations, IT, commercial strategy, and change management. His exceptional track record involves delivering change.

With a unique blend of industry experience, change management expertise, and a profound understanding of technology, our contact excels at collaborating with individuals across all levels, from the shop floor to the boardroom. He has successfully partnered with global businesses to select and implement technology solutions, such as ERP systems, that provide enhanced control and cater to customer needs.

His recent noteworthy accomplishments include his pivotal role in implementing and leading the development of an ERP solution for a fast-growing global fruit business. He continues to support and lead the ongoing system development across North America, Europe, UK, and China. Moreover, he played a key role in establishing a new fruit packing facility in New Jersey, USA, leading and managing the entire process from design to go-live.

Additionally, our contact has provided invaluable guidance to a UK farming businesses, supporting them in leveraging new technology solutions and undertaking bespoke projects. He has improved procurement processes, facilitated the selection of a new ERP system, and enhanced the working relationships with customers while also identifying new growers and customers.

He actively manages multiple projects simultaneously, offering essential business support. He has successfully led innovation consolidation projects, facilitated business process development, and provided industry insights to Agri-tech companies. His ability to understand the industry, translate requirements, and deliver effective solutions has made him a sought-after consultant.

Through his consultancy he focuses on helping Agri-Food companies maximise the use of technology and access industry experience. He offers a wide range of expertise, including operational business development, business opportunity solutions, and management information systems. Leveraging his extensive background in senior positions across fresh produce businesses, he engages people, drives collaboration, and delivers solutions that create tangible value.

Our contacts’ extensive experience, industry knowledge, and dedication to delivering results make him an invaluable Agri-Food consultant. His ability to bridge the gap between technology and the industry, while managing change effectively, sets him apart in his field.

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