We go live with our Beanstalk interviews at the Fresh Produce Consortium Future & Careers event held in mid-March in Peterborough.

We talk with Søren Peters CEO of #HowToRobot and discuss their business and how it can fundamentally change the sectors for the good.

Next up we talk with the brilliant team of MDS Ltd with Sapphira Waterson and Kirsty Barden to see how they have got on at the event!

Thomas Beach of Autonomous Agri Solutions is one to watch for sure. A very impressive individual and a business to watch and to also engage with if you are looking to make a difference with your farming/growing operations.

We catch up with Nick Green & Jack Farmer of LettUs Grow. As a business and as Jack details, they design aeroponic irrigation and control technology for indoor and vertical farms.

We talk with Martijn BergmansAgricultural Officer at the Embassy of the Netherlands in the United Kingdom and Alex van Os of Grodan at the Dutch Pavilion to gain a better understanding as to why Holland is such a horticultural powerhouse and what we can all learn from them all!

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