A Conversation with Ged Futter – The Retail Expert – “Steering Through the Storm”

Ged is a very well-known and highly regarded GSCOP Expert having specialised in this area for the past five years. He has over 26 years’ experience in retail at a senior level, from managing stores, working in supply chain and then working as a Senior Buying Manager for the world’s largest retailer. We go live with him to get his view on what he is seeing in the unpredictable world of retail supply.

As a senior buying manager at Asda / Walmart, Ged worked in some of the fastest moving categories including beer, grocery and frozen food.

Ged has been training for over 10 years, the last five years training suppliers, helping them work better with Retailers. Ged delivers training & consultancy that supports delegates & businesses to make the most of the relationships they have their key retailing partners. He offers insight into what makes a retailer tick and how to use this to improve profitable relationships.

His experience across store operations, supply and buying has given him a unique approach to buying with an understanding of the full supply chain. His experience gives him a pragmatic and insightful approach to having successful and profitable relationships with Retailers.

We where keen to bring him onto the Beanstalk Global platforms to discuss with him as to what he is currently seeing in the ever moving and erratic word of retail and supply and to gain his direct advice for our networks. 

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Filmed 7th March 2023.