Innovation Agritech Group Launches their Revolutionary New Vertical Farming Technology, the GrowFrame™ 360

With the culmination of five years of R&D, IAG has created a refined and optimised growing environment. The GrowFrame™ uses 98% less water than comparable conventional farming methods & is a solution to real-world problems.

British agricultural technology company, Innovation Agritech Group (IAG), is announcing the launch of its GrowFrame™ 360 vertical farming solution. The much anticipated, innovative technology is the result of committed and rigorous R&D since 2017 and is set to take vertical farming to the next level, revolutionising the way we produce crops both in the UK and globally.

Beanstalk.Global went to their formal launch in late October 2022 to video and to find out more! Click below to watch…

Since IAG’s conception, the dedicated team has been working to create the most optimised vertical farming system. IAG’s patented system, the GrowFrame™, has been refined to result in a highly precise growing process using the very best technology developed with carefully selected British partners. The new GrowFrame™ 360 has been proven to produce a healthier root system, superior crop growth and yield.

Alongside commercial opportunities, the technology can be used on a global scale to help with real-world problems facing the population on daily basis. IAG is working with charities to become the first vertical farm to take a tangible step toward ending world hunger and malnutrition. Current estimates from the UN show that 8.9% of the world’s population, which equates to nearly 690 million people, are hungry. By developing a drought-resistant solution, IAG’s GrowFrame™ 360 can be put to work in both countries with minimal water supply, as well as in urban populations with limited space, to help tackle the challenge head-on.

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