Beanstalk Global goes Live with Gardin Agritech. The Future of Growing!

Their headline is to make nutritious food production sustainable and affordable. For us and the planet. They have created unique technology that is looking to revolutionise how protected cropping and vertical farms can grow even more efficiently and to grow even better quality of fresh food.

We go live with Sumanta Talukdar – Founder and CEO and Fabrizio Ticchiarelli – Lead Biologist. On the conversation, we look to find out how their journey started, how they are making a difference and how companies can significantly benefit from deploying their technology. We also discuss the positive future for Gardin and everyone aligned to them and their technology.

If you are in horticultural, protected cropping or vertical farming, this is a must listen, Click to watch.

Filmed Tuesday 18th October 2022.

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