Senior-level professional with extensive experience with large-scale agribusiness operations within various countries across two continents.

Senior-level professional with extensive experience with large-scale agribusiness operations within various countries across two continents.

Being an open and honest communicator, confident in managing and meeting complex stakeholders, shareholders, company expectations, and acting always with integrity and transparency. I am an engaging and compassionate leader who is dedicated to supporting the personal and progression growth of individuals and teams. Whilst maintaining the broader aspects of managing a companies operations with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Having extensive senior-level experience with large-scale agribusiness operations within various countries including on two continents.

The diverse businesses which I have been involved in are extensive in the land base and complex in terms of large labor numbers, intensive daily operations, complicated European retail customer base, and sizable high-performing senior management teams. Also, on-farm processing, logistics, and new product development have been intensive and complex. The effective running of all business day to day activities had to be balanced against individual European customer requirements not only for the final retail product but also managing, worker welfare, environmental management, new product development, packing and logistics, quality assurance.

Critically to the founding operation, support to these intensive operations has been the development and management of a large and effective outgrower supply chain supporting the core businesses with raw produce. This has involved large numbers of small indigenous farmers with a wide geographic spread from the core operational base but operating to the same standards as the core business in terms of crop production complying with internal company protocol’s, European standards, and European retailer production standards.

Within these businesses, a focused drive of training and development programs for all levels of staff, including intensive personal appraisal programs has been a focus on an annual basis. This area of my work is of particular interest to me, being something I like to participate with not only throughout the working year but form part of my working day. Passing knowledge and experience on to those around you costs nothing but time, effort, and interest.

Running alongside the daily business operations there has been a focused approach to develop all company external links with government bodies, implement local community support projects, develop local supplier’s logistics and present the good name of the company in a good and professional manner always with integrity and transparency. Again this is an area of my work that gives me great satisfaction.

Financial control has been a critical part of the work, both in terms of creating the annual budgets working alongside the Financial Directors, and running weekly/monthly management accounting reports. These reports have also been reviewed on a monthly basis with the relevant heads of operational departments being critical if the business wants staff to buy into their own personal responsibilities but also form part of staffs individual training and development.

Capital development projects have been significant and various within my experience, being mainly responsible for making sure projects have been delivered on budget and completed in time. Also being able to see and plan forward the development requirements of the business in the future in terms of capital planning and development of all operational activity.

With all the businesses I have managed it has been crucial that I act as a positive decision-maker at all times, thinking on my feet when required whilst communicating and listening strongly with all stakeholders, shareholders and company operational staff.

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