Do You Need High Level Expertise for Your Business? Exceptional Bi-Lingual Chair/Non-Exec Available Now….

Do You Need High Level Expertise for Your Business? Exceptional Bi-Lingual Chair/Non-Exec Available Now….

Beanstalk.Global have been in discussion with a fresh produce and food industry expert who has led at MD and CEO level and who is now adding value to businesses with bespoke support on strategic planning and execution, sustainable futures and realigning focus on leading with people, their development and culture at the forefront of decision making.

Sustainable Futures – the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit are guiding principles for this person’s view of a truly sustainable future. Business cannot afford for this to remain the add-on to the annual report, the time to take action is now and clients, employees and the planet demand it. Supporting leaders in how to formulate sustainable objectives, with measurable outcomes, is one of the most important support roles. Key success criteria are aligned against UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Strategic delivery can so often fail if plans become blunt tools or leaders do not remain open to new insight. In times of change and turmoil, plans need to be agile, dynamic and structured in a way that teams can respond and adapt. The days of lengthy strat plans are long gone and this person supports leaders to devise one-page, punchy strategic plans which have the flexibility to be reactive without losing rigour in the process. The plan is owned by all and accountability naturally falls in behind it. 

People must be the first priority. For businesses who say “we have a great culture, our values are X,Y and Z”,  saying it is no longer enough – beautifully etched board tables do not make it a reality.  Culture and values cannot be aspirational they are part of the business DNA and every decision, plan, interaction and relationship should sincerely echo them all. In present day, in a world where leaders are striving to maintain culture and camaraderie in a remote working scenario, this expert is helping leaders refresh and respect the buzz.

As well as being a qualified Coach and mentor, this person is fluent in French and Spanish, with great International supplier and client relationships. This person has worked on big change manifestos, supply chain rationalisation and performance management overhauls. This person also provides a minimum of 20% of hours pro-bono to NFP, charity and social enterprises.

To find out how this unique and driven individual can make a real ongoing difference to your business or organisation, please contact Max MacGillivray or Ian Reed on +44 (0) 1284 715055 or on email