EQUIFRUIT – The Real Deal When it Comes to Ethically Sourced Bananas!

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Equifruit is a group of diehard believers in ethical fruit sourcing. Especially when it comes to bananas. They are on a mission to right the wrongs of banana business history by making it fair from the start, especially for farmers. Established in 2006, Equifruit is Canada’s leading Fairtrade-certified banana importer. They are a growing produce […]

The Oxford Farming Conference for January 2022 is Live & In Person! Find Out More…

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The Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) is an annual conference for the UK Farming Sector that takes place in Oxford, United Kingdom, in the first week of January. The OFC will return to Oxford from 5 to 7 January 2022 in person bringing together speakers from across the world, who will inspire, challenge and inform your thinking. To highlight the conference […]

Beanstalk Global / AHDB Broadcast – ‘Who Said Farmers Won’t Meditate?’

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Have you got 30 minutes?! We know how important it is to be inspired by both big businesses and individuals, which is why we are excited to present Talking Leaders, a monthly initiative from the AHDB which will see a series of inspirational speakers share their life experiences and deliver impactful stories to the AgriLeader […]

Fresh Food ‘Revolution’ Begins in Kent & Medway. Join us With Carol Ford to Find Out More..

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A scheme to bring significant change to the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in the fresh food (horticulture) sector will take place this summer, which will be led by the ambitions of young people aged 18-28 from Kent and Medway. Working with young people creating aspiration, reimaging rural Kent and Medway and the future of fresh […]

Fruitful! Your Toolbox from EFCIS Credit Insurers to Maximise Your Growth and Profit.

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EFCIS is a multi-award winning, leading FCA registered and independent specialist Trade Credit Insurance Broker founded by Andy Moylan, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management. They provide a range of services and consultancy advice to assist multinationals and SMEs so they can trade on open account credit terms with increased payment certainty. Beanstalk Global are […]

Beanstalk Global – Women In Food & Farming – August Broadcast with Nina Patil of Fresh Express India.

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“Women in Food and Farming” is a group of professional women in food, agriculture and the land-based industries at all stages of their careers, who get together to discuss business issues, support each other via mentorship and advice, and help generate networks of contacts that might be useful to themselves and their businesses. Founded in 2011 […]

Global Women Fresh Interview with Eunice Mutua, Managing Director of Select Fresh Produce Kenya.

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Eunice Mutua is an Entrepreneur and an Agribusiness Market Place Influencer who is passionate about creating and supporting sustainable food systems in Africa which promote sustainable production and related aspects, market access and nutrition. She is also very passionate about creating employment, knowledge sharing and mentorship of youth and women, and is a Sustainable Agribusiness […]

British Growers & Beanstalk Global Monthly Broadcast.

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The hugely well thought of and recognised British Growers Association is a grower owned, grower led, not for profit umbrella group. They comprise a range of organisations operating in the key UK horticulture industry and fresh produce sectors. Their  membership includes Crop Associations, Producer Organisations, marketing groups and professional membership groups.  The organisation is run […]