Will grocery Retail be disrupted by Coronavirus ongoing?

The potential impact of coronavirus to the retail economy is as of yet unfathomable, as shoppers turn to survival mode. Groceries and household essentials are the only port in this storm. In ordinary times, any retailer would love to see a surge in demand, but this extraordinary time has strained the grocery industry almost to the breaking point. And it looks highly likely that retailer revenue growth will coincide with a profit fall as we see a potential shift in food sales from restaurants closed by the pandemic. All of this is going to throw the proverbial spanner into grocery retailers’ carefully crafted e-commerce sales, fulfilment, and buy-online-click & collect plans based upon their previously predictable growth scenarios.

To compound this all, get ready for online grocery sales to surge after the pandemic has ended. There will be an unplanned explosion in online sales after the pandemic subsides. How will this benefit or disrupt fresh food businesses supplying retailers? Will retailers win or fail in this new landscape? We talk to a number of fresh food industry experts to get their take on it all from a supplier and retailer perspective.

We talk to a number of experts with backgrounds covering the complete supply chain, to find out their thoughts.

Watch and listen, and be inspired.

Host: Max MacGillivray – Editor in Chief, Beanstalk Global

Recorded Apr 2020

Our expert panel

Andy Carter

Revel 8 Consulting , ex Tesco

Christine Tacon

CBE Grocery Code Adjudicator

Jim Jefcoate

Director, Hurdletree Associates

George Beach

Director, Mudwalls Ltd

Peter Durose

Managing Director, Coregeo Ltd, ex Tesco

Max MacGillivray

Editor in Chief, Beanstalk Global


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