AgrigateOne – Down to earth people with up to date technology. Shining a light on every stage of the fresh produce supply chain. Join Them!

AgrigateOne’s goal is to be perceived by all relevant stakeholders as the easiest, fairest and most reliable way of procuring agricultural goods. They want to ensure that farmers, growers and producers using AgrigateOne consistently have better bottom line results in comparison to other similar farmers and growers not on their platform. This is based not only on more favourable sales terms, but also improved ability to make data-based decisions within farm management. Their intention is to ensure that buyers have access to a wider range of information regarding their potential product base and are able to make better, more favourable, more informed procurement decisions.

We go live with Greg Whitaker and Wian Potgieter to find out more and to hear from some of their key growers and clients as to why they endorse and highly recommend AgrigateOne.

Greg Whitaker – CEO & Founder

Wian Potgieter – General Manager, UK & Europe



Both Greg and Wian will be at Fruit Logistica in Berlin on the 5th – 7th of April. They are very keen to meet with growers and representatives of businesses looking to find the best tech solutions to ease their supply chain and to increase their profitability.

To make contact with the AgrigateOne team, to meet with them in Berlin and to find out more about their business, JUST CLICK THIS LINK

And join us we go live with one of the Fresh Sector tech businesses to watch on.

To watch the broadcast, click on the image below. To listen to the podcast, click on the podcast icon.

Filmed 17th March 2022

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