Global Women Fresh Coffee & Tea Conversation – Discussing Social Impact with a focus on Gender Equality.

Global Women Fresh.

Their mission is to change the status quo and leverage the talent of Women in Produce to close the industry’s gender divide by inspiring, connecting and empowering women around the world. And their mission matters more than ever.

Today, women account for 80% of purchasing decisions, but only 20% of the voices guiding decisions in the boardroom. What’s more, is that by 2030 we’ll need the equivalent of two planets to feed a growing world population of 10 billion people – half of them female.

Our industry is being called upon to feed the world more humanely, sustainably and efficiently – and more female leadership is a critical part of the answer.

Beanstalk Global has partnered up with Global Women Fresh to create a unique monthly Broadcast interview series. This to further promote the great work they do, to gain them more members ongoing and additional corporate sponsorship as well as to assist them to make a long-term difference in the Global Fresh Produce sectors.

Next in our series, we discuss Social Impact with a focus on Gender Equality.  Our panelists will be:

Julie Escobar, VP of Partnerships at Renewable Resources Group (Private Equity Group).

Julie is an innovative strategic thinker offering groundbreaking growth in international & domestic sales and marketing operations. She is performance-driven executive with over 20+ years of experience developing multimillion-dollar global business success and effectively leading international project teams to proven results across multiple lines of business, geographic borders, time zones, and cultures

Julie is a marketing leader highly-skilled at conceptualizing strategic roadmaps that build sales channels and generate selling opportunities in emerging and static markets. She has exceptional talent for cultivating external partnerships and alliances to build consumer brand, leverage resources, and drive customer value to capture revenues. Julie holds an MBA from UCLA (Anderson School of Management) and University of Singapore. Fluent in English and Spanish. She is also the Co-Founder and President of Global Women Fresh.

Jennie Coleman, President – Equifruit, Canada

Jennie has been Owner / President of Equifruit since 2013. She combines a lengthy career in business with longstanding social justice roots, set during two years’ volunteer work in Namibia in the mid-90s. She loves fair trade for its pragmatic approach to sustainable business. She loves Equifruit for… the fruit (YUM!), the farmers and the fact that something as simple as eating a fair trade banana can have such a positive impact on someone’s life and community. Equifruit was recognised at the 2020 Canadian Fairtrade Awards with the prize for “Excellence in Producer Partnerships”, and “The Packer” named Jennie one of their 2021 “Women in Produce”.

Lina Alvarez, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Cartama – Colombia

Proud woman, daughter, mother of three, professional and entrepreneur.
Has a business administration degree from CESA in Bogotá, and a Master degree in Business Intelligence from Universitat de Barcelona and EAE business School. Enthusiastic worker and learner, with over 18 years of broad experience in Human resources within multinational companies, highly focused on organizational strategies and objectives and social impact.

Dr Martha Givaudan, General Director – Yo Quiero Yo Puedo

Social and Clinical psychologist, early childhood, PTSD, and evaluation specialist, Martha has been the Director of Research, Evaluation, Programs, and Operations for over 25 years, and since 2016 general director of the Mexican Institute for Family and Population Research (IMIFAP) – better known as Yo quiero, yo puedo (“I want to, I can”), a Mexican NGO that has facilitated a higher level of wellbeing, intrinsic empowerment and personal agency for over 20 million people in 17 countries (the vast majority in Mexico and Latin America), to become agents of change in their lives and communities.

Martha specialises in the development and evaluation of education and health programs, all with a preventative focus with gender perspective. She is the author or coauthor of over 100 publications. She has been in charge of directing the development, evaluation and implementation of six national both school and community based health education, human competencies and entrepreneurship programs in Mexico. She has researched and written program contents for most of the over 60 Yo quiero Yo puedo (I want to, I can) personal agency and behavior change programs; both for the training of trainers and for the target populations.

Yo quiero Yo puedo (IMIFAP) has received over a dozen national and international prizes including the best Social Development program Juscelino Kubitcheck (given by the Interamerican Development Bank) in 2011, and the best school desertion and drug use prevention program given by the Mentor Foundation presided by Queen Sylvia of Sweden.

Eunice Mbeneka Mutua, Director – Select Fresh Produce Kenya Company Ltd

Eunice is an Entrepreneur and an Agribusiness Market Place Influencer who is passionate about creating and supporting sustainable food systems in Africa which promote sustainable production and related aspects, market access and nutrition. She is also very passionate about creating employment, knowledge sharing and mentorship of youth and women, and is a Sustainable Agribusiness Ambassador.

Eunice has over 15 years working experience in various industries that include the security industry, the advisory consulting industry, PwC (PriceWaterHouseCoopers) in global business management, business and project risk management, finance, strategy and operations advisory. She has over 8 years’ experience in the horticultural industry in local trade and international trade/export of fresh and dry produce that has seen her work closely with Farmers, AgriSMEs and other ecosystem players in various Counties in Kenya, Africa and Europe.

Eunice also runs an Agribusiness Consultancy/Training Business which exists to close knowledge gaps and shorten Farmers and AgriSMEs learning curve from farm to fork.

Babarara Aguayo, Siete Agro Marketing – Spain

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Filmed 22nd June 2021.

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