Beanstalk 20on20 Interview with Lori Taylor – Founder & CEO of The Produce Moms from the United States!

On our 20on 20 Interview series…”20 minutes with inspirational people from the international food sectors”, we catch up with the brilliant Lori Taylor from the USA! And many thanks to the great team at United Fresh Produce Association for the introduction to her.

Lori is the creator behind the amazing “The Produce Moms”.

The Produce Moms® is a widely recognized consumer brand in the States that is devoted to the sales and consumption of fresh produce. Led by Lori, they are a community of passionate fresh produce advocates with a mission to inspire everyone, especially children, to eat more fruits and vegetables. Their purpose is to make sure that all moms know that fresh produce is SAFE and HEALTHY. THE PRODUCE MOMS educates consumers about fresh produce, introduces them to produce brands, engages the produce industry with consumers in inspiring conversations, and promotes public policy to protect and increase the availability of fresh produce at American schools. They are a purpose-driven brand with values that support the journey from seed to smile. They are a human, genuine, real community of moms.

Lori herself has made more than 220 Live TV appearances to extend their company’s mission. They have been featured on,, RealSimple Magazine, Thrillist, and The Huffington Post. Last year she made her National television debut on the Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family PARTNERSHIPS. They work alongside fresh produce brands to develop a custom marketing campaign including custom digital content (infographic, blog, video, podcast), traditional media, email marketing, and cross-posting advocacy. They fully recognise that educators are short on time. That’s why the company created turnkey solution for educators to be a part of national programming such as the Farm Bureau’s Ag in the Classroom. Lori interviews industry leaders on their weekly podcast, highlighting relevant topics such as food safety and storage, farming, and food education. Podcast currently has over 80 episodes.

Lori is really keen to for her and The Produce Moms to extend their reach internationally and to collaborate with us all.

To listen to the Broadcast with Lori, just click the picture below. To listen to the Podcast, just click the Podcast incon.

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