Working Capital is not Just About Raising Bank Funds.

EFCIS are a leading and key business in the Specialist Trade Credit Insurance sectors.

As they state “Your relationship with a Specialist Trade Credit Insurance Broker is important. A competent, experienced Broker will secure challenging credit limits, ensure your claims are paid in full and assist in the smooth running of your policy. Unlike many classes of Insurance, Trade Credit Insurance is fluid. It’s aligned to your sales ledger, which can change on a daily basis. Your Broker must have the skills and expertise to ensure you derive the maximum benefit and protection.

Clients that make the move to EFCIS are very pleasantly surprised with the improved credit limits we negotiate, the competitive premiums we secure and the ongoing assistance and expertise offered at no additional charge. It’s all part and parcel of the service we would like to offer you.”

The team at Beanstalk believe that the Credit Insurance offering for the Fresh Produce and Fresh Food sectors are fragmented with no clear brand names or direct conversation/advice on offer. We wish to assist our contacts with the direct introduction of EFCIS and their award winning teams to assist you and your businesses.

We have secured Andy Moylan, CEO of EFCIS to give us all is expert advice in this critical business area. He is one of the UK’s most influential and respected credit insurance practitioners. He has played an active role in establishing best practice for this sector and his expertise is frequently sought by global brands. Andy began his career at one of the UK’s largest credit insurers. After working at a senior level for several broking houses he established EFCIS in 2000. His aim was to build a team that would offer a service to clients that was “far and above the service being offered by the traditional credit insurance broker.” As the sole UK founding member of the ICBA Andy is proud that “As a team we have the capability to place global credit insurance programmes with a local service with 70 offices in 38 countries.”

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