How to Upskill Your Staff and Boost Supply Chain Efficiency with the Apprenticeship College and their Supply Chain Leader Apprenticeship Scheme.

Beanstalk is really proud to be promoting the great team at the Apprenticeship College and their Supply Chain Leader Apprenticeship scheme.

They are one of the UK’s leading apprenticeship providers and can help you to fully utilise your levy and develop your staff delivering a measurable return on investment.

As a team they deliver apprenticeships that prepare people for the future and that add significant value to employers.  They adopt contemporary ‘Levy compliant’ apprenticeship standards as the backbone of the learning and development programmes and use this to develop and accelerate the growth and learning of your workforce.  

Many organisations in the FMCG and Fresh Foods sectors have seen massive changes in the stability and reliability of their supply chain over recent months. While these challenges remain ongoing, the demand from customers is increasing, with more and more people switching to online deliveries.

In order to cope with these unprecedented pressures, many businesses are rapidly recruiting new staff into supply chain roles. Meanwhile, more senior staff are being encouraged to take urgent action to boost supply chain efficiency and reduce costs wherever possible.

The question is, how do you support this vital team to achieve its goals while growing so quickly?

Enrolling your key staff in a Supply Chain Leader Apprenticeship can give them valuable skills to boost the efficiency of your supply chain – and that’s vital in today’s ever changeable times. And through them you can discover how you could start training right away using existing funds in your Apprenticeship Levy pot.

In our unique Beanstalk Broadcast with the team at the Apprenticeship College, we are going to learn how the Supply Chain Leader Apprenticeship scheme really works. We will find out how the expert-led course teaches a wealth of real-world skills that learners can apply in the workplace straight away and all by talking to key experts, hearing from businesses that have seen great “upticks” from deploying proactive training and understanding how the scheme can be funded by your own Apprenticeship Levy pot.

We will have on:

Tilly Allen – Sales Director at The Apprenticeship College

Simon Thomas of The Quantet Group – Key Supply Chain Trainer

Mark Burrell – Commercial Director of Moran Logistics

Sabre-Louise Inns – Senior Transport Shift Manager – Moran Logistics and Participant of the Supply Chain Programme

To view Broadcast just click on the picture below or to listen to the Broadcast, click on the podcast icon.

To view The Apprenticeship College today, just view their website –


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